Solution для Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (English)

Soviet missions

Red Dawn

Objective 1: Destroy the Pentagon

You will begin this mission with 21 Soviet Conscripts and a Construction Yard. Begin building your first base by clicking on the icon for the Tesla Reactor (the equivalent of an Allied Power Plant). Once the Tesla Reactor is finished building, select a nice level spot to place it. Keep in mind that you must build it near an existing building (in this case, near your Construction Yard).

Now that you have power, begin building an Ore Refinery. You will need the Refinery to harvest the ore that you collect through out the missions. You need to harvest Ore in order to make money, and you need money to build structures and units. So... Once the Ore Refinery is complete, select a nice level spot to place it. Try to place it as close to an Ore field as possible. When you place the Refinery, notice that a War Miner will pop out of it and then begin collecting Ore from the Ore Fields.

The next building that you will want to build is the Barracks. This building will allow you to produce infantry units. You will need the infantry for basic offence. Once your Barracks is built, notice that you can build Conscripts (basic infantry), Attack Dogs, and Engineers.

Now that you have the basics down on building your base, it is time to attack the Allied forces. For this mission, you need to attack the U.S. Pentagon (neat huh?). Begin by moving the 20 Conscripts towards the north. Along the way, you will assault a group of 3 Allied GIs. GIs (Allied versions of your Conscripts) have a special ability called "sand bag". This allows them to take a more aggressive attack stance (at the cost of mobility). While a GI is "sand bagged", his range and power will increase. With that said, take out the 3 sand bagged GIs, and then continue north.

You will come to the First Allied base. This base is only lightly guarded. Have you 20 or so Conscripts march right in and wipe out the Allied forces. To aid you, reinforcements will be "Para-dropped" into the area while you are attacking. Once the fighting is over, send an Engineer over to the small "hut" near the collapsed bridge. If you do not already have an Engineer, then create one from your barracks now,

As soon as the Engineer enters the Hut, the bridge will instantly be repaired. Begin moving your troops across the bridge, heading northward. As you are crossing the bridge, more reinforcements will Para-drop in to assist you. Move your entire force up to the next Allied base.

Directly in front of the Allied base, there are 2 civilian buildings. You can "garrison" your troops inside of buildings like these (Only Soviet Conscripts and Allied GIs can Garrison buildings). To do so, select a unit (or a group of units), place your mouse cursor over the building (your cursor should change to look like a few downward arrows), and then click the left mouse button. Your troops will move to the building and then they will garrison it. You will be able to see the number of troops garrisoned in each building by selecting the building itself. In the lower corner there will be a row of green and black silhouettes. The green silhouettes mark the number of troops already inside the building, and the black silhouettes mark the number of troops that can be added.

Once Garrisoned, your troops will benefit from increased range, and the extra protection from the building. No harm will come to any of your units as long as they are inside of the building. The building however, can be damaged. Once a garrisoned building has been destroyed, all of your infantry inside of that building will then exit and continue the fight as before.

Anyway, have your troops garrison the 2 civilian buildings that sit directly in front of the Allied defense line. From inside the buildings, your troops should have no trouble taking out the Allied Pill-Boxes. The Troops inside the buildings will not have range over the entire Allied base. So, once you have broken through the Allied front lines, remove your troops from the buildings and enter on foot. To have garrisoned troops exit a building; select the building, and then left click (with your mouse still on the building).

When you enter the second Allied base, finish up the remaining Allied troops. Once the coast is clear, take out the "Patriot Systems" (AA-Guns). By this point, more reinforcements should be Para-dropping in. This time, the drop includes a few Engineers.

In the center of the base you will see a "Tech Airport". Tech buildings like these are often placed on maps as "extras" (like a power-up crate (but never random)). By sending an Engineer into a "Tech Airport", you will gain the ability to Para-drop troops when and where you want.

Now... From this Allied base, you will see 2 bridges. The one to the west has collapsed and the one to the north is still intact. The north bridge leads directly to the Pentagon. However, lets fix the bridge to the west first.

Once the bridge is repaired, have 1 Conscript cross over it, and locate the shore line. When the Conscript nears the waters edge, you will gain more reinforcements. Some maps have "extras" like this. If you take a unit to the correct spot, you may gain a few more units. In this case, an Amphibious Transport will land 4 Tanks for you to control.

Now... All that is left is to attack the Pentagon. You should have enough man- power to just completely overwhelm the Allied forces. But... What is the fun in that? Try using that Para-drop option that you were awarded by capturing the Tech Airport. Select the drop icon, and then have them drop into the center of the Pentagon.

After you have cleaned all of the Allied forces out of the area, all that remains to do is destroy the Pentagon itself. There will be 5 target sections to the Pentagon. You must destroy them all. Once that has been done, the mission will end. You will then see a stat screen, telling you how effective you were during the mission.

Hostile Shore

Objective 1: Force a landing and setup a Base

This part of the mission is the easy part. In fact, the computer does it all for you at the start of the mission. You will start this mission with a group of Amphibious Transports, which will unload 15 Conscripts and 6 Rhino Heavy Tanks. The Allies have a few Pill-Boxes set up along the beach, but your troops will 'auto-attack' the pods before you have full control over them all.

Once the Allied Pill-Boxes are destroyed, move your forces in-land a short distance. Clear out the remains of the Allied base (2 Refineries). You can take them out by shooting the explosive barrels. Once the area is clear, you will have a MCV transport in so that you can begin to build a base. Do not explore too far towards the SW just yet. There is a large Allied force over there that is just waiting for you to set them off. Build up a basic base.

Right after, or right before (depending on your speed at building your base), the Allied army will bring in 6 Destroyers. For some reason, these things do not attack. They just sit in the ocean waiting for you to make a move.

Begin making a group of Typhoon Attack Subs so that you can take out those Destroyers.

Once you have a good size land army, and after you have 6 or more Subs, begin your attacks.

Objective 2: Destroy All Enemy Forces

Send your squad of Subs out and attack the Destroyers. Concentrate your fire from all of your Subs, directed at the same Destroyer. If matched one-on-one, the Destroyer will take the Sub out. However, the Subs have a higher firing rate (they shoot faster). For this reason, you should always try to concentrate your fire power when attacking Destroyers with Subs.

As for the land battle, well... there isn't much to it. Send about 6 Tanks and about 20 infantry units towards the SW until you locate the Allied Forces. Have all of your units attack the Pill-Boxes. Once the Pill-Boxes are out of the way, you can mop up what is left.


This map has a few extras on it that can server as a little amusement. Towards the west are a few Crocs. They are not too powerful (though if fought one-on-one, they will win against a Conscript), but their huge size is a bit intimidating. Also, along the beaches, you will find a lot of panicked 'Beach-goers'. If for no other reason then a quick laugh, try sending a group of Attack Dogs down to play catch.

Big Apple

Objective 1: Capture the American Battle Lab

This is easy enough, as long as you take your time. You will begin the mission with a MCV, a Tesla Reactor, and a Radar Tower. Begin building your base. Build lots of Tanks, and lots of Flak Tracks. I suggest that you use 4 War Miners to gather your Ore. This will keep a constant flow of cash coming into your bank.

Just south of your starting location, you will find 3 Tech Buildings that can be captured. By controlling these buildings, you will produce more cash from each load of Ore that your War Miners deliver.

Continue building Tanks and Flak Tracks until you have about 20 Flak Tracks and 20 Tanks. Once you are ready, send your group of units directly across the map. Attack any Allied units along the way. When you reach the Tech Lab, take out all of the Allied buildings and units, leaving their Construction Yard and the Tech Lab. Have an Engineer capture the Allied Construction Yard, and then build a Barracks. Create an Engineer from the Barracks. After the Engineer is ready, begin producing Flak Troopers, and set their rally point directly in front of the Tech Lab.

When you send your Engineer in to capture the Tech Lab, it will change into a Psychic Beacon, and you will gain a few new Tanks.

Objective 2: Build and defend a Psychic Beacon

Once you capture the Allied Battle Lab, you will need to stick around and protect the Soviet Psychic Beacon. All of that 'Flak' that you have been gathering will now serve it's purpose. Surround the Psychic Beacon with as much Flak (Flak Tracks and Flak Troopers) as you can. The Allied forces will begin a series of Para-drop attacks. With all of the Flak that you have, you should be able to down any Drop-planes before they can reach their target. Any Rocketeers that fly in to take out the Psychic Beacon will be destroyed in seconds.

The only Threat is from the Ground troops that land outside of the range of your Flak troops. They may attempt a small attack on your main base (in the south). To defeat them, have about 10 tanks at each base (you should be making more at your main base after you sent your large force off to attack).

After you survive 4 or 5 Allied attacks, your Psychic Beacon will activate, taking control over the minds of all of the Allied troops in the area. Once this happens, you win the mission.

Home Front

Objective 1: Establish a Base. Defend the Homeland

You will begin this mission with a MCV, a Tesla Reactor, a Naval Yard, and one Typhoon Sub.

As soon as you deploy your MCV, a countdown timer will begin. You have 10 game minutes until the Allied forces reach the shores.

Build for quick defense. Aim for a Barracks and about 20 Conscripts. Sounds easy enough, but there is a catch! After you place your Barracks, you will gain the ability to build Flak Cannons. You will then receive a mission briefing, telling you that you will need the Flak Cannons to fight off the Allied Air Strikes. You need to immediately begin building a few Flak Cannons in and around your base. The Allied Air Strikes will begin before the countdown timer has expired. So, build Conscripts and Flak Cannons. Fortify the East side of your base. Place Flak Cannons around the small houses, and garrison the houses with your Conscripts.

When the Allied Forces arrive, they will land on the beach in 2 locations (marked on mission map). They will arrive inside Amphibious Transports and Airdrops. The beach landing that is the closest to your base will land and then head straight for your base. The beach landing in the far north will settle and build a base. Along with the Allied invading force, there will also be a few Destroyers. They will head for your Naval Yard. You may consider buying as few as 4 or as many as 8 Typhoon Subs before the Destroyers have a chance to take out your Naval Yard.

After the initial Allied attack, things will quiet down. At timed intervals, the Allied Base will send clumps of unguided troops towards your base. Your garrisoned Conscripts should be able to deal with most of these attacks.

Objective 2: Destroy all enemy forces

If you can hold off the Allied Forces when they first land, you should be able to build at your own pace. If you just want to get this mission over with, then build about 10 tanks and about 20 Conscripts. Send the units towards the north (use the "attack move" (CTRL + SHIFT + Left Click) to travel), and take the Allied base out. You will also need to take out the Allied Destroyers that are sitting out in the ocean (unless you did that earlier).

If you want to have a little fun, and play around with a few of your new units; You should be safe enough after the First Allied attack that you can build whatever you want. Build about 30 Terror Drones, and then "attack move" them to the Allied base in the north. Watch these Drones and they quickly thrash everything in their path. You will need to follow the Drones up with a group of Conscripts or Tanks. The Terror Drones can not attack buildings (including Pill- Boxes), so the tanks or Infantry will be needed to finish things up.

That is just about it. This mission is very simple. You should have no trouble with it as long as you can build your base up before the Allied Forces land.

City of Lights

Objective 1: Energize the Paris Tower with 3 Tesla Troopers

For this mission you will not be building a base. You do begin with a Tesla Coil and a Barracks, but you are limited to 2500 gold, and no Construction Facility. Luckily, you will also begin with 11 Conscripts, 2 Engineers, 4 Tesla Troopers, and 2 Crazy Ivans. With your 2500 gold, I suggest that you build 25 more Conscripts (they cost 100 each).

Now, even with 36 Conscripts, 4 Tesla Troopers, and 2 Crazy Ivans, you still can not mindlessly charge the Tower. If you try that, all of your units will perish. Instead, use the Civillian Buildings that are in abundance all over the city. Move your Conscripts across the city, having them garrison from building to building. You should be able to clear just about all of the city up to the fortified Tower area in the north.

There are also a few "Reinforcement Locations" scattered around the city. The locations are marked on the map. The reinforcements gained at the southwest side of the city will be a Flak Track. Reinforcements gained at the west side of the city will be an Amphibious Transport, which holds 6 Tesla Troopers. The Final reinforcements, found at the very north side of the map (above the Tower) will be a Flak Track loaded with 3 Tesla Troopers and 2 Conscripts.

Also marked on the map is a Tech Building that you can capture with an Engineer. Capturing this building will generate you small amounts of income. This will come in handy if your Conscripts fall in battle.

Now... For the Objectives. You have 3 Objectives to complete, but actually they are all the same. If you clear the entire city of Allied troops, then there will not be anything to defend the Tower against. If you do not clear the city of all of the Allied troops, then they will try to take the Tower from you (once you energize it). In defending yourself, you will also be "Defeating all remaining Allied Troops". So, with that said, assault the Tower of London with all of your troops (save 3 Tesla Troopers off to the side so that they do not die). There are a few choke points that you will need to pass through in order to enter the area where the Tower is located. Attack these points from the safety of the building garrisons. Once you have opened the Tower area up, send your remaining forces in to take out the 4 Tanks, and 8 or so GIs.

Finish the mission up by energizing the Tower, and then destroying any remaining Allied Troops. There are 2 Allied units that may not come to attack you at the Tower. One is located on the Collapsed bridge (Sand Bagged GI), and the other is guarding the Tech Building in the south (IFV).


Objective 1: Establish a Base in the Hawaiian Islands

Pound for pound, this is probably the easiest mission objective in the game. To Establish a Base in the Hawaiian Islands, all that you need to do is select your MCV and then hit the deploy key. Objective complete...

Objective 2: Destroy the Allied Navy

Ok, after you deploy your MCV, a countdown timer will begin. You have 15 game minutes until the Korean Fleet enters the Harbor. During this time, you will be attacked by the Allied ground forces. You are on an isolated island, so all Allied forces will be transported over to fight you. Build a few minor defenses, and a few troops to defend your base from attacks. The rest of your time and resources should be spent on building up your Naval Forces.

To win this mission, all that you must do is destroy all of the Allied Naval Units. If you protect your Dreadnoughts, you can basically "snipe" the Allied ships from a distance. Send a few Sea Scorpions around the map to locate the Allied units. Once the Allied (Blue not Cyan) Naval Units are destroyed, you win the mission.

[Note: there is no reason to confront the Korean (Cyan) Naval Units. If you just feel like taking them out, then go for it, but it is not required to win the mission.]

Chrono Defense

Objective 1: Defend your Battle Lab at all costs

In this mission, you must defend the Battle Lab from the Allied forces. They will attack in waves, aiming to disable your base and destroy the Battle Lab. The Allied forces will focus their attacks on your War Miners, Ore Refinery, Construction Yard, and the Battle Lab. For each wave of attackers, the Allied Commander will send a mixture of units. Each attack wave is significantly stronger then they last wave.

You will begin this mission with a Construction Yard, a Barracks, A Tesla Reactor, a Battle Lab, 2 Sentry Guns, and a few Conscripts and Attack Dogs.

Instantly begin building a Ore Refinery, and then another Tesla Reactor. The Allied forces will begin their attacks after the first timer (00:02:15) expires.

Allied Attack Wave 1

The first Wave of attackers will consist of GI's, Snipers, Spies, Rocketeers, and maybe a couple of Grizzly Tanks. Build Attack Dogs to deal with the Infantry and spies, and build a couple Flak Cannons to deal with the Rocketeers. This should get you through the first wave of Allied attacks.

Extra Tasks

CAPTURING AN INCOME: Across the map to the East, there are 3 Tech Oil Derricks, and one Tech Outpost. If you capture the Outpost with an Engineer you will gain 4 Flak Troopers. Capturing the Tech Oil Derricks will generate income. These buildings will be attacked by the Allied forces after you capture them. For this reason, you will want to defend the area.

CLEAR MAP: Across the map to the NW, there is a Propaganda Truck, who is enlisting the aid of the Civilians. If you destroy the truck, you will gain full reconnaissance of the entire map. This is an important task to complete. Having a clear map allows you to see the Allied attacks before they are entering your base.

POWER-UP CRATES: After capturing the Tech Outpost, it is likely that 3 Trucks (Loaded) will begin driving from the far north towards the Supply Post in the SE. If the Trucks make it to the Supply Post, they will unload a large amount of Civilians and a few GIs. The Civilians will then attack your base. If you can stop these Trucks before they reach the Supply Post, no Civilians will be sent to attack you, and you will get a "Power-up Crate" from each Truck

CASH CRATES: If you enter the Supply Post, and "Force Attack" (CTRL + Left Click) the Tents, there is a random chance that they will produce Supply Crates loaded with cash.

Allied Attack Wave 2

The second Wave of attackers will consist of GI's, Spies, Rocketeers, and 10 Grizzly Tanks. The Tanks are the largest threat in this wave. They will attack from the NW side of your base, and they will focus of destroying your Construction Facility. A group of 10 or so Rocketeers will follow up the Grizzly attack, and then finally, a few squads of GI's and Snipers will attack from all sides.

This wave of attackers is one of the most devastating. At this point in the mission, you will not have a strong defense, or any large groups of strong units. If the Tanks are able to take out your Construction facility, you will no longer be able to build buildings.

To stop this attack, try building a Tesla Tower Close to your construction Yard (on the NW side of it). If you do not have enough time to do this, then try to build enough Conscripts to deal with 10 Grizzly Tanks, and hope that the Tanks do not just roll them over.

Allied Attack Wave 3

This wave of attackers will begin by sending a group of Harriers to attack your Construction yard (if it still exists), or your Battle Lab. If you have Apocalypse Tanks, Flak Cannons, Flak Troopers, then you may be able to take the Harriers out before they do any damage. Chances are, they will make their bomb drops before you can shoot them down. So, be ready to repair a building from near destruction.

After the Harrier attack, you will need to prepare for squads of Rocketeers, Grizzly Tanks, Prism Tanks, and assorted Infantry. These attackers will come from all direction. The largest threat is the Prism Tanks. They can level the Battle Lab in a few seconds if you do not take them out before they can reach it. Most of the time, the Prism Tank attacks will come from the NE or the East.

Allied Attack Wave 4

This attack wave will consists of everything that has already been used against you, but more of them. By this point in the mission, you are either crippled and unable to make repairs, or you have a base full of attack Dogs, Conscripts, and Apocalypse Tanks. You should have enough to stop this wave, as long as you spread your forces around your base. The Allied Spied will enter from the south and the north. The Prism Tanks will enter from the North and the South... You get the idea. Make sure that you have your entire base ready, and not just the South or Southwest side.


Objective 1: Capture the White House

You will start this mission with 2 Apocalypse Tanks, 1 Rhino Tank, 1 MCV, 4 Desolators, and 8 Conscripts. The formation of the units will prevent you from rapidly deploying your MCV. You will want to quickly move all of the troops away from the MCV so that it can be deployed into a Construction Yard.

Once you have a Construction Yard, quickly begin building your base. At the same time, General Valdimir will begin dropping Conscripts in to attack your base. If you place your Desolators around the edges of your base, they should be able to pick the Para-dropping Conscripts right out of the air. You may need to "baby sit" them a little to make sure that they are in range. It will also be helpful if you garrison your Conscripts inside the Bunkers that are located towards the SE of your starting location. One of them will need an Engineer to repair it before it can be used as a garison.

Once you have survived the para-drops, you will need to begin building for attacks from large groups of Rhino Tanks, and V3 Rockets. Tesla Troopers and Apocalypse Tanks are the most effective units for this mission. In fact, Once you have about 10 Apocalypse Tanks, you can go around the map and destroy everything (as long as you keep them in one large group). However, building that many Apocalypse Tanks is not going to be easy. First off, you will be attacked from the beginning of the mission until the end. Second, your Ore Field does not have a drill on it. So... The fields will run out of Ore, and will not produce more.

After setting up your initial defenses, you should plan your first assault. Begin by attacking General Valdimir's base towards the East. His base is loosely guarded by Rhino Tanks, Soviet based Infantry units, and a few Tesla Towers. Valdimir will put the most pressure on you with his constant attacks. Take him out as early as you can. You may also want to bring a few Engineers along with you. Have the Engineers capture the Construction Yard (which will allow you to build a new base in this area).

Be warned... The Allied Forces (from the north) will try to assist Valdimir's Base if it is in danger. When you attack Valdimir's Base, do it quickly, and make all of your damage count. If you are not going to be able to wipe the base out in one swift attack, then aim for the key buildings (Construction Yard, War Factory, Barracks, and Battle Lab. If you can not take Valdimir out, then cripple him.

Psychic Beacon: As mentioned above, the Allied forces will attempt to assist Valdimir if his base is in trouble. If you want to have a little fun with him, locate the Psychic Beacon on the West side of the map. Destroying the Beacon will break Valdimir's mind control over the Allied Forces. The problem with this is that you need to cross through an area guarded by both Valdimir, and by the Allied forces if you plan to reach the Psychic Beacon. It is easier to just wipe out Valdimir's base.

Once you control the area where Valdimir's Base once stood, you will be able to mine the Ore Field above it. That Ore Field does have a drill, and will produce more Ore. When you have a fleet of Apocalipse Tanks, or a large amount of any units (Apocalypse Tanks are recomended), send them towards the north to take out the Allied base, and then the White House.

Pack you bags, the mission is over.


Scattered around the map and a number of historical monuments. Destroying the Monuments will earn you more cash, and normally an upgrade as well. Chances are, you will run out of Ore and be left with out enough cash to complete the mission. The Monuments can dig you out of a financial crisis.

There is one Key Monument (Jefferson Memorial) across the bridge from the location of Valdimir's Base. You will need to have an Engineer repair the bridge so that you can cross.

You will gain the normal 2 Supply Crates for destroying the building, plus you will gain a Supply Crate for destroying each of the 6 Trucks parked out front.

The Fox and the Hound

Objective 1: Use Mind-Control to capture the President

For this mission you will start with only 2 Yuri units. If you use them properly, that should be enough. Begin by mind-Controlling the first Allied IFV that you see (This will probably happen automatically, before you have full control).

Use this IFV to clear the two GI's at the small Outpost to the NE. Once the Allied GIs are out of the way, you are free to have your Turi units Mind-Control the Engineers, having them capture the Barracks and the Battle Lab.

From the Barracks, you will gain the ability to produce more Engineers, and with the Battle Lab, you will gain the ability to produce Spies. Both of these units will be key to your success of this mission. Go ahead and produce 3 Engineers now. Move the Engineers along the very northern edge of the map, towards the second Allied Outpost (#2) on the map.

While your Engineers are on the move, have your second Yuri unit capture another IFV (one can be found patrolling just south of the first Outpost). Be careful to keep your units away from the Prism Towers, and away from the GI/Attack Dog patrols. Have the 2 IFVs attack the Pill-Boxes that guard the entrance to the second Outpost. Also have them destroy the Patriot System, and if possible, the GI's as well.

You'll notice that there is a Tank and a Sniper in this base also. These are for your Yuri's to Mind-Control. To capture the Sniper and the Tanks, you will first want to get rid of your IFV. Send them near the Prism Towers to ditch these units. Have your Yuri's Mind-Control from over the wall. If you send them inside the base, the Sniper will pick them off. When you control the Tank, it will automatically begin firing on the Night Hawk Transport (the Helicopter). Grab the tank and move it out of the area as soon as you grab control over it. Now, have your Engineers capture the Tech Airport (gaining Para-Drop capabilities) and capture the Power Plant.

Send your tank south of this Outpost, heading towards Outpost #3 (marked as #3 on your map). Have the Tank destroy the Gate that block entrance, and then have the Tank blow up the 6 Trucks. Each Truck is Loaded with a Supply Crate. Do not grab the Crates with the Tank. Move your Sniper down to the Outpost, and allow him to grab the crates. Three crates will contain 5000 cash (15000 total), and the other three will have power-ups. Your Sniper needs the power-ups so that he will out- range the Allied units who are guarding the President.

With the cash gained from these Trucks, you need to produce another 4 Engineers, and 2 Spies. To be safe, go ahead and make 6 Engineers.

Have your Tank go to the West side of the Presidents base, and take out the GI/Attack Dog patrol. Follow that up by having the Tank take down the wall on that side of the compound (the wall next to the Alamo). Once the Tank has done that, move the Tank near a Prism Tower to dispose of it.

Have a Yuri use Mind-Control on the Night Hawk, and send it to the first Outpost to pick up the Engineers. Carry them around the Allied base to the opening the you made in the wall. Unload them in a safe spot, and then go back for the Spies. This is mainly to prevent the "pathfinding" from leading your troops into the range of a Prism Tower, a Seal, or one of the armed Civilians.

Have your Sniper take out the Seals standing in the South side of the base. Then have one of your Spied disguise themselves, and then enter one of the Power Plants. This will knock out the power from 1 game minute. Send the Engineers in the capture the Power Plants. You may need to sell the 3 southern Power Plants in order to allow your Engineer to get close enough to capture the final one. The second Spy is a back up, incase the time runs out.

Once the Power has been removed from the Allied Prism Towers, they will no longer function. Move your Sniper and your Yuir's to the opening that you made in the wall. You can now inch your Sniper in to take out the 4 Seals near the President. Follow this up by having a Yuir use Mind-Control on the President.

That's it... Mission complete.

Weathered Alliance

Objective 1: Capture the American Battle Lab to locate the Weather Control Device

You begin this mission on a smaller island, across from the Allied Base. You will begin with a few Tanks, Infantry, an MCV, and a few scattered buildings. You will need to build a quick base defense to protect your base against the Allied attacks. Plan to fight off Amphibious Transports loaded with Tanks and GI's, Rocketeer attacks from the air, and Seal attacks across the water. I suggest a few scattered Flak Cannons, a couple Tesla Towers, and a few scattered groups of Conscripts and Tanks.

Build base defenses quickly, but take your time to orchestrate your counter attack. Nukes will help you a great deal to break through the Allied beach, but in the end you must use Nukes to win the mission. Build 4 or 6 Apocalypse Tanks, and load them onto Amphibious Transports (you can load 2 Apocalypse Tanks onto each Transport). Have another Transport with at least 1 Engineer in it (more for back-ups). Build 3 or 4 Giant Squids and have them patrol the water between your base and the Allied beach. Clear out any ships that could attempt to sink your Transports. Send one Squid to the SW corner of the map. You will find a Dreadnought. You could have just as simply built your own. Use the Dreadnought (1 will do, but 3 are suggested) to clear the Prism Towers off of the cliffs to the left and right of the Allied Beach. Once the waters are clear, drop on Nuke on the Allied Beach (which will clear it of Allied forces).

Now, send your Transports over to unload on the Allied beach. Move the Tanks northward, breaking through Allied defenses as you come to them, and then have an Engineer capture the Allied Battle Lab. You should try to time it so that you have less then 4 minutes remaining until your next Nuclear Launch. As soon as you capture the Allied Battle Lab, they will begin countdown until they can use their Weather Device. The countdown on the device has a 5 minute timer.

Objective 2: Destroy the Weather Device

At this point, all that you need to do is drop a Nuke on top of the Weather Device. Once Nuke will destroy it, and you will win the mission.

Red Revolution

Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's Headquarters - The Kremlin

You begin this mission with 6 Rhino Tanks, 18 Conscripts, 6 Attack Dogs, 2 Kirov Airships, and a Construction Yard. This mission is very difficult. Starting very early in the mission, Yuri will begin attacking you with wave after wave of mixed units. You will be attacked by every ground unit in the Soviet Army, including Psi-Corps (Yuri units).

As soon as the mission begins, click to build a Tesla Reactor, and then begin moving all of your Conscripts NE of your starting location (being careful to walk around the enemy Tesla Coil on the Plateau). Garrison your Conscripts in every building that is next to the road. At the same time, move your Kirov Airships directly towards the enemy plateau ahead of you. Have the Airships take out the enemy Flak Cannons, and the Tesla Coil. Do not destroy the Tesla Reactors. Instead, have 2 Engineers in production, and ready to capture those 2 buildings. This will allow you to build on that Plateau. Begin building Tesla Coils around the edges of the Plateau, starting on the East side. When you can, have Tesla Troopers stand near your Tesla Coils to increase the range and power of the lightning arcs.

Once you have the Plateau defended, begin adding Flak Cannons. Not just a few, but more like 15 or more. Do not build a Nuclear Missile Silo until after you have placed the 15+ Flak Cannons in and around the area where you will place your Silo (check the image above).

The reason for this is because Yuri will begin sending an endless amount of Kirov Airships towards your base, all targeting your Nuclear Missile Silo. The Kirov Airship attacks will attack 4 at a time. This is why you need so may Flak Cannons. If an Airship reaches your Nuclear Silo, it will be destroyed, and chances are, the rest of your base will be as well.

Anyway, once you have Nukes, begin firing them on the Kremlin. It will take 2 Nukes to finish the job, but the Kremlin can not be repaired (well in theory, it could). Drop one Nuke on the Kremlin, and then wait the 10 game minutes until you can launch another Nuclear Missile.

The difficult part is holding off the enemy attacks until you have Nukes, or until you have a second Missile ready to go. Just keep adding to your defenses where ever you see a hole in it.

The second missile will destroy the Kremlin, and win you the mission.

Extras: All over the map there are supply crates. If you are desperate, you can go looking for them. To the NE and the NW of your starting location, you will find "Tech Oil Derricks". Capture and defend these buildings. They will serve as a form of income when you run out of Ore, or your War Miners have all be destroyed. One thing to note... Don't capture these Oil Derricks until after you have a strong defense on the center plateau, or the enemy will just blow these buildings up.

In the bottom right hand corner of the map, you will find a Tech Airport. Capturing this building will allow you the ability to Para-Drop.

Polar Storm

Objective 1: Destroy the Chronosphere

For this mission, your only objective is to destroy the Allied Chronosphere. It sounds easy enough, but the Chronosphere is so deep into Allied territory, it is going to take an Army to reach it. This is not even mentioning what you are going to need to do to survive the Allied attacks, which will begin right from the start of this mission.

As soon as you have battle control, begin building your base, and preparing for a few Chronosphere attacks. I suggest that you build 30-50 Conscripts right from the start of the mission. The Allied Army will attempt 4 disabling Chronosphere attacks that you must prevent.

The first will consist of 9 IFV units, which will Chrono in just north of your Barracks. You should have your Conscripts in that location, ready to take the units out as soon as the Chrono in.

The second Chrono attack will consist of 9 Grizzly Tanks, and they will Chrono in to the SW of your Construction Yard. After your Conscripts have dealt with the first Chrono attack, move them next to your Construction Yard, on the SW side. When the Tanks Chrono in, take them out quickly, by having the entire group of Conscripts fire on the same target. Be careful that the Tanks do not just roll your troops over. If one of the Tanks try to do that, quickly have all of the units fire on that Tank.

The Third Chrono attack will consist on an Amphibious Transport, loaded with Allied Seals. Move your Conscripts to the south edge of your base. The Amphibious Transport will be chronosphered south of your base, but in the water. As long as you have your group of Conscripts already in firing range when the Transport lands, then you can pick off the Seals. If your Conscripts are not ready when the Seals unload, there is a good chance that the Seals will mow your units down.

I hope that you are still building your base up...

The fourth Chrono attack will consist of an Allied Aircraft Carrier, off the north side of your base. To fight off this attack, you will want to build a Naval Shipyard and at least one Typhoon Attack Sub, or one Giant Squid.

After you survive these 4 main Chrono Attacks, the pressure will lighten. You need to add more to your defenses (namely in the anti-air department), and build for your own assault. The chick on the radio told you to build Naval units, but do not over do it. Three or four Giant Squids, a few Scorpions (for anti-air defense support) and a couple Dreadnoughts should do it.

Have your Squids go around and sink all of the Allied ships. Have your Dreadnoughts destroy the Allied Navalyards, and then have them knock out a clean spot to land (there is only one spot to land on the Allied island, and it is located NNW of your base). Transport your attack units of choice, and throw in some Engineers to capture buildings. When you land, take out all of the Prism Towers as a priority, and then take down any other unit or structure that has the ability to attack. Have your Engineers capture as many buildings as they can. You will then need to set up a strong defense at this location.

It is not practical to transport the amount of units that you are going to need for this mission. You will need to establish a base on the main land. Defend it well, the Allied Army will not allow you to have any buildings on their island for long. After the first 4 main Chronosphere attacks, they may have stopped all together. Well once you build on the Allied land, the Chrono attacks will begin again. Lots of Tesla Coils will help protect you from the randomness of the Chrono attacks.

When your new base is established, begin moving your attacking forces north, along the shoreline. In the NE corner of the map, you will find a Tech Airport, and 3 Kirov Airships.

These Airships may help you on your assault of the Allied main base, but the Allieds have the area guarded insanely well with Patriot Missile Systems. The Allieds are also guarded well against ground troops, having the entire area covered with Prism Towers. The only hope that you have of breaking a hole through the Allied defenses is with either the Nuclear Silo, or the Iron Curtain. Chances are, you are going to need both.

At this point (and I know you are tired of building bases and then defending them) you really should begin building a new base near the Tech Airport. Your alternative is to set a rally point there, which works just as well, but your attention must be on both 1. your only base on the main land, and 2. your attacking forces.

When your ready, send a few scouting units ahead to pin-point the Allied Prism Towers. The "Fog of War" will open up with the towers fire, and then close to conceal the area. Once you have a basic idea where the Towers are, and how far their range of fire is, move your force up close to that location (but out of range), and then Iron Curtain them. If your units are packed tightly enough, you may be able to hit 9 units with the Iron Curtain (note: using the Iron Curtain on infantry units will kill them).

Send the invulnerable units in and have them focus all of their attacks on the Defensive structures (namely the Patriot Missile Systems and the Prism Towers). Once these structures are down, you can send in the non-invulnerable units in to take down the buildings and Military Units. Continue this process up the the Chronosphere (marked on the map).

Once you reach the Chronosphere, you will need to knock out the final defenses, and then destroy the Chronosphere itself. After doing that, victory is yours!