Solution для Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (English)

Alied Missions

Lone Guardian

Objective 1: Destroy Soviet Dreadnought Fleet

When the mission begins, you will be under attack from the Soviet Dreadnought Fleet (the boats that are firing missiles towards the guys in the sandbags). If you look carefully in the water, directly behind the Dreadnoughts, you will see Tanya. She is swimming around in the water. [With the left button on your mouse] Click near Tanya, and then drag your mouse over her (so that a square will be drawn around her). Once you have her inside the square, let go of the mouse button. This will give you control over that unit (you will use the same technique to control all of your units). Once you have control over Tanya, then hover your mouse pointer over one of the Soviet Dreadnoughts. The cursor at the end of the pointer will change into the shape of a small bomb. That is to let you know that Tanya can set plastic explosives on the ship. Do that now...

With your mouse pointer hovering over one of the Soviet Dreadnoughts, click one time to make Tanya swim over and blow it up. Repeat the same for the remaining 3 Dreadnoughts. Once you have destroyed all 4 of the Dreadnoughts, the game will update you and tell you that objective one is complete. Time to move on to the next objective.

Objective 2: Make Contact with Fort Bradley

Move Tanya up past the Statue of Liberty. There is a good chance that a Soviet Paratrooper attack will happen at this point. If so, have your Tanya remain near the waters edge until after all of the paratroopers have landed. Now move Tanya up so that she is within firing range of the Soviet troops. She will be able to take them out with in seconds. After the area is clear, move Tanya out onto the street and head for Fort Bradley (marked on the image above). When you enter the compound, you will gain control over the facility. You now have the ability to build more units to fight with.

Objective 3: Destroy the Soviet Base

There will be a few troops already in Fort Bradley. Move them to the small park, or resource field directly in front of the base. The Soviets like to drop Paratroopers into the location to attack your Harvester. Leave the group standing guard in the area while you build more. I suggest that you build about 6 attack dogs, 12 GI's and 1 Engineer.

Have your Engineer run over to the Bridge towards the south side of your base. If you have control over the Engineer, then your cursor should change into 3 downward arrows when you hover it over the small buildings by the broken bridge.

Once the bridge has been repaired, you can send your GI's across to attack the Soviet Base.

The largest challenge that you will have is with the 2 Soviet Sentry Guns. If you have your 12 GI's all concentrate fire at each of the Guns at a time, then you should be able to take them out simply enough. Shooting the Explosive Barrels in the area will also help. The blast may do some damage, which will lessen the time that your troops will need to destroy each of the guns.

Use the 6 Attack Dogs that you made to guard the doors of the 2 Soviet Barracks. Three dogs at the door of each Barracks will be enough to kill anything that comes out. This will give your GI's time to take out the Sentry Guns, and then destroy the Soviet Base. Once you have destroyed every building in the Soviet base, then mission will end.

Eagle Dawn

Objective 1: Capture the Soviet-occupied Air Force Academy Chapel

You will start this mission with a Tanya and a few Engineers. Shortly after the mission begins, 8 Rocketeers will join your forces. From your starting location, move your Tanya up to the Supply Crate to the NE of your starting location. After grabbing the crate, move your troops towards the north. You need to re-capture the Allied base towards the north.

Once you are close enough to assault the base, send your Tanya into the water in front of the base. She should be able to pick off most of the Soviet Conscripts that guard the front door. Once the guards are dead, Tanya can enter the base and set plastic explosives on the Soviet Flak Cannon. Be sure to have your Tonya avoid the Sentry guns. Once you take out the Flak Cannons, you can send your Rocketters in to destroy the Sentry Guns. At this point, you should have 4 or 5 Engineers parachute in as re-enforcements. Begin by having the Engineers enter and take control over each of the Soviet occupied buildings.

Once you have control over the base, you can begin producing more units. Tanks, Dogs, GI's, and Rocketters all make for nice attack units on this map. Produce as you see fit, but keep in mind... Minerals are where your cash comes from, and with out cash, you can not build. You may want to build an extra Harvester or two to help pull in more cash then what you would be earning otherwise.\

Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Forces

Once you have a somewhat large attack force (10 tanks, 10 troops, 10 Attack Dogs) then send them all to the Soviet base in the SE. Your mission is to destroy the Soviet Base. This mission really is very easy, but if you need a little extra help, there are 2 Rocketeers hiding in the far SW corner of the map. You will need to send a Rocketeer over the find them (they are up on a cliff). There is also a Supply Crate in the Far NW corner of the map. It will be guarded by a few Soviet Conscripts and a Soviet Attack Dog.

Hail to the Chief

Objective 1: Destroy the Psychic Beacon

This mission is a bit more difficult then that last two. For starters, the Soviets will attack you the entire mission. Second, the Soviets will now try to repair their buildings as you try to blow them up. You do gain the ability to produce Harriers, Rocketeers, and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV).

When the mission begins, you will start out with 30 G.I.'s, 1 Engineer, and 3 IFVs.

To start off, run your Engineer into the destroyed "Jefferson Memorial" building that is directly behind your starting forces. This will earn you two free Supply Crates.

You will need to build your base. Begin by building a Power Plant, a Refinery, and then a Barracks. You can build a War Factory once the Power Plant and the Refinery have been built. With the Power Plant and the Barracks, you will then be able to build a Airforce Command. From the War Factory and the Airforce Command you will be able to build Grizzly Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), and Harriers.

Build up a good size force, and then create a road block on the main road leading into your base. Try to fan your units in a "cup" shape. This way, when the Soviets come down the road to attack you, the will drive right into your ambush. This should keep the Soviets busy while you gather resources.

If you build any Harriers, use them to take out the Soviet base that is the closest to your own base. That Soviet base does not have any anti-air protections. You should be able to flatten the first Soviet base from the air alone. With that base out of the way, you can press your front line units up a bit further.

When you feel that you are ready, send your attacking force up to the Psychic Beacon and destroy it. Be careful for the White House. Try to keep the splash damage on the Psychic Beacon, and off of the White House.

Extras: If you want to go around the map collecting the extras...

The Smithsonian Castle, Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument are all in bad shape. If you send an Engineer over to repair these buildings, you will gain 2 Supply crates PER building! Each location is marked with a star on the map above.

There is also a Hospital towards the South of the map. If you wish, you can send your injured infantry units there for medical attention.

Last Chance

Objective 1: Force a Shore Landing and Establish a Base

When the mission begins, you will have 6 Destroyers, 4 Rocketeers, and 4 Amphibious Transports. Between your starting location and the location where you are to build a base, there are two Soviet Grand Cannons. These cannons can do a lot of damage to your Destroyers, but they can not harm your Rocketters. Start off by Sending a Rocketeer in to take out the Grand Cannons.

Once the two Grand Cannons are out of the way, send your Destroyers in. As you reach the shore line, you will be attacked by the Soviets Typhoon Attack Subs. Your Destroyers may take heavy damage, but they should be able to deal with all of the subs.

Your 4 Amphibious Transports hold your Construction Facility, a few Grizzly Tanks, and about a dozen G.I.'s. As soon as the Transports hit the shoreline, a counter will begin, counting down how much time you have left to complete the mission. If you use your Destroyers to blow up everything that they can, and use your Rocketeers to take out as much as you can, then you can shave a lot of the time off of this mission. When you do finally land your Transports, you should immediately unload them and then begin construction.

Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Amplifier Before it Comes Online

Once you have unloaded your Transports, begin building your base. Do not build too many Harvesters (in fact, do not build any). You should build a Refinery (which comes with one Harvester). Build a Powerplant, a Barricks, a War Factory, and an Airforce. You will need G.I.'s to take over the Neutral buildings, Rocketeers to take down enemy buildings, and IFV's for all purpose attacks.

Remember... Your mission is to destroy the Psychic Amplifier. If you can manage to garrison the 2 buildings in front of the Amplifier, you should then be able to slip a couple Rocketeers in to take it out.

Dark Night

Objective 1: Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab

You will start this mission with Tanya and 3 Spies. To the south of your starting location, there is a small Soviet Stockade. There is no real reason to enter the Soviet Stockade to the south except for a supply crate. You will need to have a Spy go in and grab it (or the Tesla Coils will take Tanya out).

This mission is a Tanya mission all the way. Begin by moving Tanya out to the road (in front of the Soviet Stockade). She will be able to pick off the Attack Dog patrols so that they do not detect your spies. Have Tanya continue (slowly) up the road towards the first Soviet base (marked as location #2 on the map above). Watch out for the Attack Dog patrols, and watch out for the Tesla Coils. Tanya can take out the Attack Dog patrols as long as she isn't already moving. For this reason, have her walk a short distance and then stop. If any Soviet troops are in the area, she will mow them down.

Once you near the first base, have Tanya shoot the explosive barrels near the Tesla Coil on the East side of the base.

Once that Tesla Coil is down, you can have Tanya sneak into the base (through the break in the wall) and take out more of the Soviet forces.

Now, have Tanya move up the side of the mountain (inside the Soviet base), where she will locate a crashed Allied airplane, and a few Allied troops. You will gain 3 G.I.'s and 3 Engineers.

You can use the Engineers to capture the Soviet War Factory, and the Soviet Barracks. You begin this mission with 10,000 credits. You can make 10 tanks if you like, and then have them blast through the Tesla Coils (but that is just for fun).

Once you have the Soviet Base open, send one of your Spies in. Make sure that you select a disguise for the spy before he nears the base. To select a disguise; Select your Spy, and then left click on an enemy infantry unit. Your spy will still look the same, but will shimmer back and forth between the Soviet disguise and his normal appearance.

When your spy goes in for the Soviet Battle Lab, make sure to time the Attack Dog patrol so that the dogs do not see the Spy. Attack Dogs have the ability to "sniff out" Spies. Once you enter the Soviet Battle Lab, your mission will update and you will begin the second objective.

Objective 2: Neutralize the 2 Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos

To the north of the first Soviet Base there are 2 Missile Silos. The locations are marked as #4 and #5 on the map above. Have Tanya move around enemy defenses and up towards base #4. Once there, she will be able to take out a Tesla Coil by shooting the stack of explosive barrels. This will also create a hole in the base walls. You should have direct access to the first Missile Silo. Just make sure to take out the second Tesla Coil (shoot the barrels) and the walls around the Missile Silo (shoot the barrels). Once the Soviet Patrols have been dealt with, send Tanya in to drop plastic explosives on the Missile.

For Missile Silo marked as #5, you will want to have Tanya swim across the water by the Bridge to base #4. She can then make her way to location #6. She will need to deal with a lot of Soviet Conscripts and Attack Dogs along the way. At location #6, Tanya can blast the explosive barrels, freeing the Allied units inside the cage.

At that point, have the Allied Tank roll over to the edge of the Soviet base and blast a hole through the walls. This will allow Tanya access into the base, where she can detonate the final Missile Silo.

The key to this mission is to effectively use Tanya. Be careful with her. Make sure that she does not run directly into a pack of Attack Dogs or into the range of a Tesla Coil. Other then that, just explore and have fun. If you want a quick laugh, you can blast the explosive barrels around the Bovine pins. This will free the cows. The cows will then be under your control. If you like, you can send them up towards the Tesla coils and watch them fry.


Objective 1: Reinforce and Assume Command of Allied Forces at the Pentagon

When the mission begins, you will have w Amphibious Transports heading towards the Pentagon. The Pentagon itself will be guarded by a few Turrets, and a few Prism Towers. This should hold as defense against the first few waves of Soviet attacks. Your first priority should be to set up your base. Inside the Amphibious Transports, you will have a dozen or more G.I.'s and a Mobile Construction Vehicle. Select a good spot to begin building (I suggest to the west (left) of the Pentagon).

As soon as you can, have some G.I,'s garrison the buildings to the west of the Pentagon.

The Soviets will send troops to attack from this flank. Their main army will attack from the 2 bridges to the East. It is still a good idea to set up your defenses back here. The Prism Towers will protect you for the start of the game.

Once you have secured the rear of your base, begin placing defenses on the bridges.

You will be surprised how effective a few "Sandbagged" G.I.'s can be at a choke point (To sand bag a GI select the unit and then hit the key. You can do it just as simply by selecting the GI, and then clicking it when it reaches the location where you wish it to bunker down). Scatter a few tanks between your G.I. front line, and you should be set. As long as your defenses hold, you will be able to gather enough ore to build an overwhelming force.

Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Forces in Washington

Once you have the area defended, and enough ore to build whatever you need, begin stretching your front lines. Move a squad of G.I.'s and attack dogs across the bridge. Have the Attack dogs pull cover fire, and have them take out as many Soviet infantry as they can. Have your G.I.'s garrison the buildings that sit just outside of the Soviets base. Once your G.I.'s have dug in, send in the tanks. If at all possible, try to capture the Soviet Construction Facility. This will allow you to build more buildings (Barracks and War Factory) on the front lines of combat.

Your final assault will be on the Soviet base scattered around the White House. This base is well guarded by Tesla Coils, Sentry Guns, and Flak Cannons. It is hard to find a weakness in their base. The best bet is to simply overwhelm them with overpowering numbers. Send in 10 or move tanks, having them focus on the primary defenses. If you take out the Construction Facility, the Soviets will more then likely sell the remaining buildings, giving up hope. It is good to have a group of Attack Dogs ready to mop up the Soviet Troops that come out of the buildings once they have been sold.

Extras: In this mission you can repair the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The repair of each building will reward you will a power-up crate (cash more then likely). To repair a building, simply have an Engineer enter it while it is damaged.

Deep Sea

Objective 1: Destroy all Soviet Forces

When the mission begins, you will start off with a mixture of units. The first units that you should be concerned with ate the Naval units in your Harbor. Move them out to the choke point right away.

You should build your base up as much as you can, but work towards getting a few Amphibious Transports. A dozen or so Rocketeers will come in handy as well.

Fill your Transports with GIs, and an Engineer or two. The Soviets will take control over the Allied Island to the NW of the map. There, they will build a Nuclear Silo, and begin launching Missiles at your base. Their main targets that they aim for will be your War Factory, Naval Yard, and Construction Facility.

You will need to attempt an landing on the less protected side of the Soviet controlled island (pointed out on the map). If you land 2 or 3 Amphibious Transports full of GIs, then immediately sandbag them, you should be able to gain a strong hold on the island. Take our the Tesla Reactors (Power Plants). This should disable the Nuclear Missiles, and the Tesla Coils (both need a high amount of power to operate). The next prime target will be the Construction Facility. Without it, the Soviets can not rebuild the Tesla Reactors (or any other buildings for that matter).

If you can get an Engineer onto the island, try to capture the Soviet Barracks. This will allow you to train new GIs from on this island (instead of transporting them all over).

Move your GIs a few steps inward, and then sand bag them again. Do this to slowly gain ground. Once you clear the buildings off of this island, and the Soviet Naval Yards, then the mission will end.

Free Gateway

Objective 1: Destroy the Soviet Psychic Beacon

You begin this mission with Tanya (Veteran), 5 Veteran G.I.'s and 2 Veteran Engineers. As soon as the mission begins, move your units SW and up onto the Elevated Freeway.

Slowly move SW along the Elevated Freeway until you come to the second exit ramp. Take out all of the Soviet troops that you can along the way. Use your G.I.s "Sandbag" ability to gain a holding position behind the Stadium. Once you have cleared the area of Soviet Forces, move your Veteran G.I.s up one step at a time, and then Sandbag them. Your Veteran G.I.'s will be able to fire on the Tesla Coils, from outside of the range of the Coils themself.

Continue moving your troops closer to the Stadium until all of the Tesla Coils are destroyed. Your G.I.'s can then take out the Psychic Beacon from outside the Stadium walls. Once the Beacon is destroyed, your mission will update.

Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Forces within St. Louis

After destroying the Psychic Beacon, you will gain a few reinforcements. They will arrive just about in the center of the map (near the Arch). You will gain a few G.I.'s, 4 Prism Tanks, a handful of Grizzly Tanks, and a Mobile Construction Vehicle. Build your base next to the Arch. You will find a supply crate on the ground near the Arch that will give you enough cash to begin building with.

You may want to build 3 or 4 Chrono Miners to gather the resources that you will need. Build about 60 G.I.'s and about 15 Grizzly Tanks. Once you have a small army, send them towards the north to take out the Soviets main base. You will then need to finish up any remaining Soviet forces (clear the Stadium, and the small Soviet pin that is NW of the Soviets main base).

Sun Temple

Objective 1: Capture or Destroy any Soviet Attempts to Replicate our Prism Technology

You begin this mission with 5 Seals. Move the Seals slowly towards the West. You should see a small village. Have your Seals clear the Village of all Soviet Forces. Once the Village is clear, you can gain control over the two Tanks and the group of G.I.'s help captive.

Move your two newly gained Tanks north a short distance, just under the tree line. The Soviets will send Flak Tracks around your eastern flank. These Flak Tracks will almost always attack at the tree line. By placing your Tanks in this spot, you can get the drop on all of the Flak Tracks. This should upgrade your Tanks to Veteran status. These two tanks will be all that you will get during this mission, so having them at Veteran is a must (so that they will repair themselves).

In the NW corner of the map you will find a Soviet controlled and guarded Tech Building. Send a Seal or a few G.I.'s up to clear the area, and then have an Engineer capture the building. This will allow you the ability to "Paradrop" G.I.'s into any area that you choose. Plus the Paratroopers work as a nice way of creating your forces. Be warned... The Soviets will try to re-capture this building. Be sure to place a few sand bagged G.I.'s near this building to protect it.

Once you have control over the Allied unites that were being held prisoner, and once you have control over the Tech Building, you should garrison some GIs inside of the Huts that are scattered around the area. The large hut to the SW should be your main garrison (most of the Soviet Infantry will past through that location).

Send a Seal around the east side of the map (seals can swim) and have him land near the Soviets mineral field. Take out any Soviet units that you see in the area. From this point on, you should try to Paradrop into this area. Your garrisoned GIs and your two tanks should hold as defense at the prison camp location.

Once you have a large amount of GIs in the back of the Soviet Base, begin moving them inward, gaining ground as your move (sand bag). If you can garrison the Mayan Ruins, then go for it. This will give you a strong position against the Soviet Tanks. Knock out the Tesla Reactors if you can (this will take down the Tesla Coils). Once you have a strong hold on the inside of the Soviet Base, try knocking out the Mayan Pyramids (the Prism Towers). Remember to continue your Paradrops.

Every time that you take out a Mayan Pyramid (there are 2 of them), a few reinforcements will also paradrop in.

Objective 2: Eradicate the Soviet Base defending their Research Site

With your two Veteran Tanks, you can "hit and run" the Soviet front lines. The best way to do this is to have one tank a slight distance behind the other. When the Tank in the lead is damaged, have it fall back behind the second tank. Then have the second Tank pick off any attackers that would follow the injured Tank. Give the Tanks time to repair themselves before repeating your attacks.

Continue your Paradrops in the Rear of the Soviet base, and victory should be yours.


Objective 1: Ensure the Safety of Professor Einstein's Laboratory

When the Mission begins, you will gain control over the Allied base in the center of the map. To the South is Professor Einstein's Laboratory. You must protect that facility at all costs. To help you out, Einstein will give you control over 3 "Mirage Tanks". Among the Tanks that Einsteign gives you, you will also begin the mission with a few of your own, as well as a dozen or so G.I.s, a Base with defenses, and a MCV.

When the Mission begins, your priority should be to build the basic buildings needed to produce military units. The Soviets send an initial wave of attackers that will wipe out the 3 Allied bases to the north (you can not prevent this from happening). All of the remaining forces from that wave of attackers will filter down to your base. You may want to move at least one of the Mirage Tanks up onto the cliff to the NE of your base, to stop any Soviet V3 Rocket Launchers from bombing your base.

Once you have the ability, send a squad of G.I.'s and Tanks to the front of Einstein's Base. You will notice that there is a distinct choke point... Use this the best that you can. Once you absorb the first few waves of Soviet attackers, you should be able to become aggressive, and take the fight to the other side of the battle field.

Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Forces

To assault the Soviets, you should first take away their Ore. In this mission, most of the Ore that the Soviets can gather will be between their base and yours. Set clumps of sandbagged GI's in and around Ore fields. This will protect your Chrono Miners, and this will allow you to take out the Soviets War Miners. Keep adding GI's to your forces as you are able to afford more. Play "Leap-Frog" with the GI's. Have one group advance on the Soviet base by a few feet, and then sand bag them. Then have the next group walk a few feet ahead of the first group, and then sand bag. Repeat this process until the Soviets bases are destroyed. Keep adding more GI's to your forces. It helps if you move your production point up to your front lines. This way, when a unit is complete, it will automatically walk to where the action is.


Objective 1: Build a Chronosphere

This mission is somewhat difficult. You start off with a main base, and 2 Ore Refineries that are a good distance away from your base (marked with an R on the map). You will need to protect both of these outside Ore Refineries if you hope to gather enough cash to win this mission. You will begin the mission with a few Naval units and about 12 GIs.

Split the GI forces that you start with, and send half to each of the distant Ore Refineries. Once the GIs reach the Refineries, have them sand bag in and have them garrison the closest buildings that they can. Immediately begin producing more GIs to strengthen the defenses at these locations.

At the same time as you are trying to defend your Refineries, you should also be building your base, and increasing the number of Naval units that you control. You should try as hard as you can to get a satellite in orbit as fast as you can. The mission calls for you to build a Chronosphere, but that can wait. Having a satellite is key to Naval domination. The Soviets will send Dreadnoughts in to wipe out your Construction Facility about 10 minutes into the mission (and sometimes they will do it earlier then that). The Dreadnoughts will attack from 2 different sides of your base. Your Naval units can not go under the bridge that separates your main base and the small southern Refinery island. For this reason, you will want to get Rocketeers, Seals, or Naval units on the east side of the bridge. You can hold the west side of the bridge at the choke point between your southern Refinery Island and the edge of the map. Adding a few Patriot Missile Systems in and around your base will also be helpful. The Patriot Missiles will shoot down the rockets fired from the Dreadnoughts. This will buy you some early protection.

As soon as you build your Chronosphere, the Soviet base on Cuba will be revealed. On top of that, they will have 3 functional Nuclear Silos that will begin to prime for launch (20 minutes). So... Hold off on building the Chronosphere until you have established control over the 2 main Refinery locations. Also, if you have not built a Chronosphere after about 30 minutes into the mission, then the Soviet Base at Cuba will begin Nuclear launch countdown anyway (so do not put the Chronosphere off for too long).

Objective 2: Neutralize the Soviet Nuclear Threat on Cuba

After building the Chronosphere, you will need to assault Cuba and take down the 3 Soviet Nuclear Silos. The Chronosphere takes 5 minutes (game minutes) to charge before you can use it. With the use of the Chronosphere, you can instantly transport many units across the map. Basically, you can transport somewhere around 9 tightly packed tanks. Do not try to Chronosphere organic units (infantry) or they will die in the process.

Once your Chronosphere is online, begin building clumps of Grizzly Tanks. A good method of clumping your Tanks is to set a rally point at a location. Build 9-12 Tanks and let the rally point location clump them together. Then move the Rally point to a new location so that you get a new, fresh, clump. When the Chronosphere is ready to use, do not delay. Use it right away. This way, your 5 minute timer will begin again (so that you can use the Chronosphere again).

This mission does not call for you to eliminate all of the Soviet units. It simply requires that you destroy the 3 Nuclear Missile Silos. So, Chronosphere a group of Tanks directly next to a Soviet Nuclear Missile Silo, and then have all of the Tanks attack the silo directly. This is a risky move though. Sometimes you will have your clump of tanks destroyed while the Missile Silo has 1 or 2 red dots on the hit point meter. You may want to have a group of Harriers or Rocketeers ready to finish the job.

To Chrono attack effectively, you should transport GIs (use Amphibious Transporters) to the SE edge of the Soviet Base. Before you try sending the Transports across the ocean, first have your Naval force sweep the area for Soviet Subs and Squids. You may also want to take out the Soviet Naval Yards while you are sweeping the area. Once the Ocean is clear of Soviet Naval troops, begin sending your GI loaded transports to the location marked on the map. You can then Sand Bag your GIs in the Ore Field, cutting the soviets supply of Minerals. Doing this will draw a lot of the Soviet Troops out of the Soviet base, in an attempt to save their War Miners. This opens an opportunity for you to Chrono in 9 Tanks and take out a Missile Silo. Just remember to concentrate all of the Tanks fire onto the same Missile Silo.

If you want to get fancy, build a MCV and Chrono it onto the SE part of Cuba (after your GIs have secured the area), and then build a base back there. You can then continually storm the Soviet defenses until they crumble.

Once you destroy the 3 Missile Silos, you win the mission.

Chrono Storm

Objective 1: Clear the area so Chrono Reinforcements can arrive

This is the easy part. When the mission begins, you will have 3 Seals parachuting into the middle of a Soviet Base. When the Seals land, they will almost instantly mow down all of the Soviet Infantry. Along the sides of the Soviet base, there are a lot of Tesla Coils. In the very center of the base, there is a Tesla Reactor. Have one of your Seals plant a C-4 explosive on the Tesla Reactor. This will knock out power to all Tesla Coils.

Objective 2: Eliminate Romanov's Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin

This sounds easily enough, but getting to Romanov's Elite Black Guard is a different story. As ass on your MCV Chrono's into your new base, begin building. You will need every second that you can get. The Soviets will begin sending in waves of attacks very soon.

If you free the Engineers and GIs that are in the north of your base, have each of the GIs take down one of the (un-powered) Tesla Coils. Even though the Coils are not active, the GIs will still gain Veteran status for destroying them. So... to get a few Veteran GIs early, and easily, have each one of the GIs take out a Coil. Once they have Veteran Status, move them to the Bunkers just outside of your base. You will want to Garrison the Bunkers with the max amount of GIs allowed.

When you have a Barracks up, continue to produce GIs. Have the GIs garrison the buildings that circle around your base. The Buildings to the south and to the west are the 2 main sides to focus on.

Keep building defenses, and climbing the "Tech Tree" until you have either a Chronosphere, or you have the capabilities to produce Chrono Legionnaires. If you go for the Sphere, you should also be making Tanks like crazy. If you go for the Legionnaires, then you should plan on building at least 20 of them.

With the Sphere, you will want to Chronosphere a large group of Tanks directly next to the Kremlin. Have your Tanks attack the black colored units only. Do not attack the Kremlin, and do not try to garrison the Kremlin (you will lose the game if you do). Continue to send groups of Tanks as the Chronosphere recharges. Remember... To win, all that you need to do is take out the Elite Black Guard

With Legionnaires, you will need to find a simi-safe spot in the lower area of the map. Move all of your Chrono Legionnaires down there, and then give them time to recover from the trip. Once your Legionnaires are ready to go again, have them begin by removing any "easy" targets in the area. This may get a few of them rank (which helps a lot). When you are ready, have the whole group jump at the very bottom area inside the walls surrounding the Kremlin. This spot is somewhat safe to land in. You will need to deal with the two sentry guns at the same time, but that is easier then dealing with the Tanks and Teslas.