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        1. The Arrival and the Reunion
        2. Saltarello
          Instrumental Dance: Anonymous: Italian 14th Century
        3. Mephisto
        4. The Song of the Sibyl
          Traditional Version: Catalan: 16th Century
        5. Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book
        6. As the Bell Rings the Maypole Spins
        7. The End of Words
        8. Black Sun
        9. Wilderness
        10. The Promised Womb
        11. The Garden of Zephirus
        12. Radharc

          The Song of the Sibyl dedicated to the Memory of Jamie Salas

          Produced by Dead Can Dance

          John Bonnar: Keyboards on Band No 5 and Co-arrangements on Band Nos 2 and 5
          David Navarro Sust: Vocals on Band Nos 1 and 7
          Robert Perry: Bagpipes on Band No 6

          Band No 10
          Andrew Robinson: Bass Viol
          Lucy Robinson: Tenor Viol
          Anne Robinson: Bass Viol
          Honor Carmody: Tenor Viol

          All other Instruments and Voices Performed by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard

          Recorded and Produced in Ireland
          With the Exception of Band Nos 1 and 7
          Recorded and Produced at Woodbine Studios, Leamington Spa

          Cover Design by Brendan Perry

          Detail from 'The Garden of Delights'
          A Painting by Hieronymus Bosch
          (Courtesy of "The Prado Museum" Madrid)

      • Lyrics

          5. Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book

            Fortune presents gifts not according to the book
            Fortune presents gifts not according to the book

            When you expect whistles it's flutes
            When you expect flutes it's whistles

            What various paths are followed in distributing honours and possesions
            She gives awards to some and penitent's cloaks to others

            When you expect whistles it's flutes
            When you expect flutes it's whistles

            Sometimes she robs the chief goatherd of his cottage and and goatpen
            And to whomever she fancies the lamest goat has born two kids

            When you expect whistles it's flutes
            When you expect flutes it's whistles

            Because in a village a poor lad has stolen one egg
            He swings in the sun and another gets away with a thousand crimes

            When you expect whistles it's flutes
            When you expect flutes it's whistles

          8. Black Sun

            Murder! Man on fire.
            Murder! I've seen the eyes of the living dead.
            It's the same old game.Survival.
            The great mass play a waiting game.
            Embalmed, crippled,dying in fear of pain, all sense of freedom gone.

            Black sun in a white world.
            Like having a black son in a white world.

            I have a son, his name is eden.
            It's his birthright beyond estranged times.

            Give me 69 years, another season in this hell.
            It's all sex and death as far as eyes can tell.
            Like Prometheus we are bound.
            Chained to this rock of a brave new world.
            Our god forsaken lot.
            And I feel thats all we have ever needed to know until worlds end and the seas run cold
            Give me 69 years, another season in this hell.
            There is sex and death in mother natures plans


          The Song of the Sibyl
          Original Catalan version

            Al jorn del Judici
            parra` qui haura` fet servici.

            Un rei vendra` perpetual
            vestit de nostra carn mortal;
            del cel vindra` tot certament
            per fer del segle jutjament.

            Ans que el Judici no sera`
            un gran senyal se mostrara`:
            lo sol perdra` lo resplendor,
            la terra tremira` de por.

            Apre`s se badara` molt fort
            amostrant-se de greu conhort;
            mostrar-se han ab crits i trons
            les infernals confusions.

            Del cel gran foc davallara`,
            com a sofre molt pudira`;
            la terra cremara` ab furor,
            la gent haura` molt gran terror.

            Apre`s sera` un fort senyal
            d'un terratre`mol general;
            les pedres per mig se rompran
            i les muntanyes se fondran.

            Llavors ningu' tindra` talent
            d'or, riqueses ni argent,
            esperant tots quina sera`
            La sente`ncia que es dara`.

            De morir seran tots sos talents,
            esclafir-los han totes les dents;
            no hi haura` home que no plor,
            tot lo mo'n sera` en tristor.

            Los puigs i plans seran iguals,
            alli seran los bons i mals,
            reis, ducs, comtes i barons,
            que de llurs fets retran raons.

            Apre`s vindra` terriblement
            lo Fill de De'u omnipotent;
            de morts i vius judicara`:
            qui be' haura` fet alli es parra`.

            Los infants qui nats no seran
            dintre ses mares cridaran
            i diran tots plorosament:
            "Ajuda'ns, De'u omnipotent".

            Mare de De'u, pregau per no's,
            puix so'u mare de pecadors,
            que bona sente`ncia hajam
            i paradis possejam.

            Vosaltres tots qui escoltau,
            devotament a De'u pregau
            de cor ab gran devocio',
            que us porte a salvacio'.

        • The Song of the Sibyl
          English translation of original Catalan version

            An eternal king will come
            Dressed in our mortal flesh:
            He will come from heaven certainly
            To pass judgement on the century.

            Before judgement is passed
            A great sign will show itself:
            The sun will lose its shine
            The earth will tremble with fear.

            After will come mighty thunder
            A sign of great wrath:
            In an infernal confusion
            Lightning and cries will resound.

            A great fire will come down from heaven
            In a stink of sulphur
            And the earth will burn furiously
            And great terror will afflict people.

            After will come the terrible signal
            Of a great earthquake
            As rocks shatter
            And mountains collapse.

            Then no-one will have pieces of gold
            Silver or riches,
            And everyone will await
            The sentence.

            Death will leave them without a penny,
            And will crush them all:
            There will remain only men in tears,
            And sadness will cover the world.

            The plains and peaks will be all the same,
            Good and evil will reach them both,
            Kings, dukes, counts and barons
            Will have to account for their actions.

            And then will come impressively
            The Son of God omnipotent,
            He will judge the dead and the living,
            The good will go to Heaven.

            Children not yet born
            Will cry from their mother's wombs,
            And with the crying say:
            "Help us, God, omnipotent".

            Mother of God, pray for us,
            You, the Mother of sinners,
            May the sentence be merciful,
            May Paradise be open to us.

            You, who listen to everything,
            Pray God with all devotion,
            With all your heart and fervour,
            That we should be saved.

            The Catalan version is the one which has lingered through time despite a ban imposed upon it in the 16th century. It is one of the most ancient songs in the Catalan region, dating from the 10th century. In the 13th century the refrains of the Sibyl began to to be sung in polyphony. The chant was performed mainly during the feasts of Christmas but was also, in some places, performed during holy week, particularly on Good Friday.

          Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book
          Original Spanish version

            Da bienes Fortuna
            que no esta'n escritos:
            Cuando pitos flautas,
            cuando flautas pitos.

            Cua'n diversas sendas
            se suelen seguir
            en el repartir
            honras y haciendas!
            A unos da encomiendas,
            a otros sambenitos.
            Cuando pitos flautas,
            cuando flautas pitos.

            A veces despoja
            de choza y apero
            al mayor cabrero;
            y a quien se le antoja
            la cabra ma's coja
            pare dos cabritos.
            Cuando pitos flautas,
            cuando flautas pitos.

            En gustos de amores
            suele traer bonanza
            y en breve mudanza
            los vuelve en dolores.
            No da a uno favores,
            y a otro infinitos.
            Cuando pitos flautas,
            cuando flautas pitos.

            Porque en una aldea
            un pobre mancebo
            hurto' so'lo un huevo,
            al sol bambolea;
            y otro se pasea
            con cien mil delitos.
            Cuando pitos flautas,
            cuando flautas pitos.

            The original Spanish version of Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book is from the poem 'Letrillas' (1581) by the priest Luis de Gongora. The interesting thing about this piece is that Dead Can Dance changed "a hundred-thousand crimes" into "a thousand crimes" in their version.

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