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Vladimir I. Valentsov

Vladimir I. Valentsov, a Russian painter-impressionist. Born 1950, in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, the Faculty of painting and drawing. He is a member of the Union of Artists Moscow Organization. Since 1978 he has taken part in Moscow, Republication, All-Union and International exhibitions.

Since 1990, V.Valentsov worked in Normandy, Paris, Nizza and in South of France (Ber-Les-Alps) at the estate of the reputed French collector Rene Guerra, where in 1992 a French-Russian House for writers and artists has been opened.
In 1989-97, a series of the artist's personal exhibitions took place in Moscow and Europe:

His picture "The Flowers Street in Ber-Les-Alps" was awarded with the First Prize of the Spring European Hall in Marselles.
Works by V.Valentsov are found in private collections of Russia, France, USA, Japan, England, Spain, Germany, and South Korea.

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