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Il est deja dificile de a'entendre en utilsant la meme langue.

The use of repertory grids in web-art analyze

In this world we always use categories that help us make it simpler and fit into a certain understandable system. Like rods can form a grid, some of these categories interlace to form structures. Through these structures, or grids, we see the world around us and create things (be it scientific works, pieces of art, or whatever). Now when we are at the outset of mastering the hypertext culture, we need to collect as many constructs as possible, since without the rods as the basic elements of culture no grid at all can be built. For better education it is necessary that the mental constructs used by experts be clearly understood by the others. This is where the repertory grid techniques will help us. By way of elements we took several web-sites from da-da-net festival. Experts are asked to classify these sites, giving each a description in the terms (constructs) of his/her choice, and ranging the sites relative to every single construct. It is supposed that every time, a method can be offered to an expert which would let him/her see the films from a different prospective, and thus produce a different classification of the same sites. Running this procedure several times yields a collection of "rods" that is in real use by experts.

Works selected for construct acquisition:
Art project
Cultural resource
Cultural resource - simple