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TYPICAL EXAMPLES: * take a cup of a tea * go to a shop and to purchase a food * to ring up on the phone to friend * to purchase an ice-cream and to eat it * go to a cinema * switch on the light in a bath * switch on a TV * to tell about the own work to the other person * go to walk on a street * to make a present for friend to a birthday * go to swim * trip to a underground * to read the article in the newspaper * to talk with friend * pour on flowers * to write a letter * to find a place for a new thing in the apartment * to write a film from one VCR to other

NON-TYPICAL EXAMPLES: * to joint with the other workplace * to marry * to invent the new concept * to set a question-problem * to be decided on expensive purchasing * to play in boxes with the child * to read the book

EXAMPLES FORM THE FIELD " WORK BY COMPUTER ": * to edit a textual file * to write the small program * to install the new program * to view a new Web-server * to copy files to a floppy

(* action * situation * person * result of the action)

* work, that includes the action * other relevent actions



Action   AS   Work
Action   AS    (part IN Whole and Parts)
(person IN Action)   AS   Person



* a 1 * What is the goal of the action?
[Goal], [Event]

* a 2 * Does the action is done by the person firstly?

* a 3 * Does the action is done by us or by any other person?

* a 4 * How is done the action??
[Story], [Text], [Whole and Parts]

* a 5 * Do You look to the action as to an indivisible thing, or you see a structure in the action?
[Whole and Parts]

* a 6 * Does the action is usual for You? Or not usual? Or very newer?
[Repeating Event]

* a 7 * Is it necessary for You to have a some skill for to make the action?

* a 8 * In which other situations You can do the action?
[Repeating Event], [Type of Objects]

* a 9 * Does the action creates any complex consequences?
[Cause - Consequence], [Existence in Time]

* a 10 * Who is the another actor of the action?
[Person], [Set of Peoples]

* a 11 * Does the action made to You to do another actions?
[Cause - Consequence], [Existence in Time]

* a 12 * How long the action had continue?
[Period of Time], [Work]

* a 13 * Is it the typical action or disposable, unique?
[Type of Objects]

* a 14 * Can we to repeat the action?
[Freedom of Action], [Type of Objects], [Repeating Event], [Set]

* a 15 * Is the action the part of a big work?
[Whole and Parts], [Work]

* a 16 * Is the action directed to an object, to changing of the person stane, or to changing of the current situation?
[Cause - Consequence], [Tool - Object - Action], [Person], [Internal State], [Situation]

* a 17 * Can the other person to make the action appropriately with the same result?

* a 18 * Can we to ask of other person to make the action instead of You?

* a 19 * Does the action suppose the one actor or many?
[Set of Peoples]

* a 20 * Can we to make not the action?
[Freedom of Action]

* a 21 * Could we to make the other, more important action in that time?
[Action], [Conflict]

* a 22 * What other actions is linked with the action?
[Set], [System]

* a 23 * Can the action be done wrongly?
[Obvious - Nonusual], [Error]

* a 23.1 * What consequence may be appeared, if You done the action wrongly?
[Cause - Consequence], [Possible - Impossible], [Error]

* a 24 * What the tools used the actor of the action?
[Tool - Object - Action]

* a 25 * Is the action important?

* a 26 * Does the trace of the action exist?
[Cause - Consequence], [Information], [Environment]

* a 27 * Do You know about the action before, or we must to do it unexpectedly?

* a 28 * Was the action spontaneous, or You have control the action by Your mind?
[Internal State]

* a 29 * Do You make the action at the quiet state or no?
[Internal State]

* a 30 * Do You want to do the action very strongly, or You don't think about Your wishes at the action moment?
[Internal State]


[ Action   AS   Work ]


* b 1 * What is the main for You at the action: the result or the process of action?
=*a 28*, [Goal]

* b 2 * Is it possible to do another actions on the background of the action?
=*a 6*, [A Few Objects], [Internal State] [Freedom of Action]

* b 3 * Are there a circumstances, interfering to you to execute the action?
=*a 29*, [Environment], [Conflict], [Situation], [Cause - Consequence]

* b 4 * Is the action routine or creative?
=*a 3*, [Skill], [Internal State]

* b 5 * Is it possible to pick out the smaller actions at this action?
=*a 12*, [Whole and Parts]

* b 6 * Is it possible to make the action very qualitative?
=*a 18*

* b 7 * Is it necessary to be aimed maximally to take into account all possible aspects in this action?
=*a 30*, [Collection], [Internal State]


# B 1 # If You do the action firstly, then sometimes there is the opportunity to make it "not really", without all consequences and results, to be learned to do this action.
=*A 9*, [Skill]

# B 2 # Sometimes you have no time to be learnt to do the action and You has simultaneously to do the action and to be learnt to do such actions.
=*A 9*

[ (person IN Action)   AS   Person ]


* c 1 * What we know about of the person, which does the action?
=*a 2* [Information]

* c 2 * What for he it does?
=*a 2.1* [Goal], [Cause - Consequence]

* c 3 * Does the perons plays a some role at the work?
=*a 3* [Type of Objects]

* c 4 * Can You help to the person by something?
=*a 10* [Action]


# C 1 # To help the person tn the his work.
=*A 5* [Work]

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