Lego-Logo Center

In the Logo-Lego Department the teachers of Saint Peterburg's Gymnasium 470 introduce educational ideas with help of Logo (on the computer) and Lego Dacta (building materials).

Technology in all of its forms surrounds us, helps us heal, learn, and entertain. We have become dependent on technology. We must be the controlers of technology, and not let technology totally control our lives. We must be very carefull about our use of mother Earth's resources, and must try to conserve these seemingly endless gifts. On the one hand, we are studying Logo and Lego in order to understand technology, and on the other hand to create worlds of our own, and to understand all of the complications that this task demands. Therefore, our projects include aspects of history, art, and literature. Children 7-13 years old who have no prior knowlege of programming or mechanisms come to our department.

Every day during the week two groups worked on their projects. One group studyed the basics of Logo. The other group was introduced to Lego Dacta. After ninety minutes the groups switched.

At first the children studied different ways of connecting Lego materials, the elementary mechanisms, and then built models with help from Guided Investigation cards, and made models with pneumatic and electrical controls.

During the first three days a lot of interesting models were built.

Here are some examples of the models

At the same time we taught the children programming in Logo. We started with small programs which were then combined to make more complicated programs. At the end of the week, we had a large project that combined Logo programming with Lego constructions. The first week's culminating project was called "Our House.".
Our department take part in the contest "The Seramida's Hanging Gardens".

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