Expert System for Water Quality Measurement

Our expert system was based on the expert system "SIMER", which was created by the Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Science.

The expert system has been instructed with the methods of measurement of water quality using bioindicators. The system performs QUATITY ANALYSIS, which deal with biodiversity, and QUALITY ANALYSIS, which deals with the existance of various things which act as indicators of water quality.

The expert system contains information about the characteristics and types of bioindicator organisms. For example: "BIVALVIA"

The expert system also calculates numerical indicies of biodiversity.

The children use the expert system in analyzing the results of their field and laboratory research. The expert system helps them formulate opinions about the quality of the water in the ecosystem. Before making final judgements, the system completes classifications of saprobical (oligosaprobical, (alfa- and beta-) mezosaprobical, polisaprobical).