The Pleshcheevo Lake

Location: Pleshcheevo lake is located 130 kilometers north of Moscow in the south of the Yaroslavl oblast. On the south-west shore of the last is located one of the oldest of Russian towns, Pereslavl-Zalessky.

The history of the late: We think that the lake is about thirty thousand years old. There is a proposition that the lake was created by glaciers, which would explain the great depth of the lake.

Size of the lake: The lake is oval-shaped. It has a large shallow part near the shores. The central part of the lake is quite deep -- up to 25 meters. There are no islands on the lake.

Climitological information: The lake is located in a sufficiently wet area. The climate in the region of the lake is moderate-continental with hold winters and mildly warm summers. In the region is also the northern boundary of a large forest.

Characteristics of the lake's ecosystems

The Lake's Flora

The Lake's Fauna
Since the composition of the lake is quite diverse, so we will give some general factors and information about the quality of the water in the lake.