Sri Aurobindo

"The Mother"

The Mother reads this book in English


Chapters I - V
Chapter I, "There are two Powers that alone can effect" 14:20
Chapter II, "In all that is done is the Universe" 06:10
Chapter III, "To walk through life armoured against all fear" 06:17
Chapter IV, "Money is the visible sign of a universal force" 11:14
Chapter V, "If you want to be a true doer of divine works" 11:26


Chapter VI
01 "The four Powers of the Mother" 23:40
02 "Four great Aspects of the Mother" 03:59
03 "Imperial MAHESHWARI is seated in the wideness" 08:23
04 "MAHAKALI is of another nature" 08:06
05 "[MAHALAKSHMI] Wisdom and Force are not" 11:01
06 "MAHASARASWATI is the Mother's Power of Work" 08:52
07 "There are other great Personalities of the Divine Mother" 04:44
08 "If you desire this transformation" 04:19
09 "But be on your guard and do not try" 03:21
10 "Avoid also the error of the ignorant mind's demand" 04:15
11 "The supramental change is a thing decreed" 02:08



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