Bach 16
Основные даты жизни и деятельности композитора
Сочинения композитора

На диске представлены:
 01-30 Chorale Arrangements From The Neumeister Collection
 02-Kirnberger Chorales
 03-Praeludium et Fuga in e
 04-Fantasia et Fuga in a
 05-Eight short preludes and fugues
 06-Fantasia in G
 07-Kleines harmonisches Labyrinth
 08-Concerto in C
 09-Concerto in G
 10-Fantasia et Imitatio in h
 11-Praeludium con Fuga in a
 12-Concerto in C
 13-Fuga in c
 14-Fuga in G
 15-Concerto in d
 16-Fuga in h
 17-Praeludium et Fuga in A
 18-Fantasia in c
 19-Concerto in Es
 20-Concerto in a