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My homepage in Japanese

Howdy, guys!
It's Andrei's homepage. I'm 19. My birthday is on 14th of May. I'm a Russian guy. I'm a student of University of Pereslavl.

Pereslavl is city where I live. It's not very big city, it's pretty small city, sooner. And it's so great, that it has its own Uni!! My major is math, but if to be honest I like it not very much.

I like to learn languages, I learn Japanese and English, I know English not badly, and I'm afraid I can't say that about the Japanese (while). But I hope I'll be able to write Japanese e-mail with help of my teacher Elena Zaitseva.

Also, I play basketball, and I love that game very much. I'm in the basketball team of Pereslavl among the best players of my city.

My e-mail: