The establishment of relationship between French and Russian artists and scientists on the Virtual Gallery of Uchcom
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Introduction -- Chronology -- E M A I T R E -- Networks Art Technologies -- CALL FOR PARTICIPATION -- Agreement of cooperetion



This project deals with the establishment of a pole of relationship between French and Russian artists and scientists. It takes part of a program of exchanges between CYPRES - Intercultural Center for Transdisciplinary Practices, Researches and Exchanges, located in Aix-en-Provence, the University of Pereslavl and the Program Systems Institute of RAS, located in Pereslavl-Zalessky, and a group of moscow artists working in the field of new technologies.

Several meetings in France and Russia enabled a stable link permitting via the Internet the exchanges of information between young artists and scientists from both side. This permanent connection enables the real time construction of the project by the partners. So that, the exchanges can be developed not only from the diferent levels of disciplines, knowledge and modes of expression, but either in the way of thinking them in diferent cultural contexts.

During this project three main directions will be developed : the two firsts, corresponding to the first step of the project will be engaged in 1996-1997. The following one will be developed during the year 1998.


M o s c o u . novembre #.november. .. 1 9 9 4


Medialogia conference organized in Moscow by several partners among them the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts. "The artist in the world of new technologies : main orientations and results of interactivity". First meeting between Russian and French representatives of these fields : Louis Bec, Advisor of creation at the French Ministry of Culture, missioned by the French Association for Artistical Action ( A F A A - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to identify Russian artists using technologies ; Tatiana Moguilevskaya and Olga Shisko, curators of the event.

A i x mars #.march. .. 1 9 9 5

Tatiana Moguilevskaya and Olga Shisko were invited in France by the French Association for Artistical Action - A F A A . During their staying they met the representatives of the Center for Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Practices Researches and Exhanges C Y P R E S. After several working sessions the partners propose to development a pole of relationship pole between Russian and French artists and scientists, associating the Program Systems Institute of the University of Pereslavl, and a group of artists based in Moscow.

A i x April. .. 1 9 9 6

Colloque Lancer .and workshop. L O E I L .- Laboratory Objects Environments Intelligent Languages. C Y P R E S . invited Tatiana Moguilevskaya, coordinator, Alexander Nikolaev, computer engineering artist working in the field of interactivity and networks, Evgeny D.Patarakin, professor responsible for the Distant Learning Laboratory - D L L at the Program Systems Institute - PSI to participate.

M o s c o u - P e r e s l a v l August 1 9 9 6

One representative of C Y P R E S missioned to enable new contacts was invited in Russia.



Exchanges and Manipulations Art on the Internet via Tele-Robotics Experiments

The project consists in drawing up a join work based on distant manipulations which take in count the treatement of time and space as well as sound, light, image, movement and behavior. Telerobotics is a technique which uses the means of signals teletransmission and communication tools to create distant operating systems. This technology which covers diverse domains (surgery, industry, nuclear...) brings out several questions and opens in the heart of art contemporary practices new fields of experimentation. This is the wished angle we would like to explore it. Through the use of digital communication technologies, robotics and interactivity means, the purpose of this project aims the construction of an "artistical event" oriented to mobile objects (sculptures) and interactive spaces dedicated to live performance.

The contribution of these technologies will enable the setting of a join construction drawned up by remote partners, as well as the definition of concepts and conditions for the proper project development. They will enhance hypermedia exchanges processes. As it targets a join construction this project calls out from a transdisciplinary point of view new forms of collaborations on diferent levels. So that will be associated LOEIL's researches and technological abilities in the construction of interactive spaces and the Program Systems Institute for their theorical mathematics knowledge and computer programation capabilities.

Workshops gathering Russian and French artists, researchers, technicians and students will enable to share common researches.

Networks Art Technologies


Artists have been using for few years now networks as a full artistical expression tool to create, exchange and show their creations.

In the frame of M A P project CYPRES wishes to set up a permanent 'Art on-line ' creation cell. Much more than simply web exhibitions, this project should enable interactive creation processes between the participant artists.

The aim of this section is to encourage artistical actions in these fields and a reflection on their contents. In order to elaborate this permanent creation cell, CYPRES is organizing a call for participation directed at artists and their specific projects.

This tool is necessary for a concerted and continual action between the partners. This site is the starting point. It will permit not only the exchange of information between french artists working on the net, but also a veritable interactive exchange with russian artists (fixed and animated images, sound and texte), and a forum for electronic edtion.

In addition to the exchanges on the net a common workshop will make possible the physical exchange of russian and french artists between the two countries.


What are the domains CYPRES and PSI are interested in?

  1. cognition : perception, acquisition of knowledge, memory etc.
  2. environment : man/environment/technology
  3. communication : language, languages and writing

Who may be concerned by this call?

CYPRES and PSI are calling for the participation of artists whose work fully exploits the possibilities and constraints of the Internet:

How to participate ?

The works can be navigable systems using images, animation, sound, texts, computer graphics, etc. for publishing on the Web.
The result of these exchanges will been shown on-line in different Russian and French "lieux nomades" (nomadic places) in 1997-98. Premiers participants de RAT First participants of RAT