Water Quality Monitoring

One of the most important goals of ecological management is the preservation of our water resourses. One of our projects in the Department of Ecology is called "Water Quality Monitoring." We have been running this project for several years now. Children from 10 to 14 years old take part in the project. We monitor the water quality of lake Pleshcheevo, which is located next to our camp in the Pereslavl National Park.

We go on trips on the lake, become acquainted with the plant and animal life of the lake, study water organisms which are indicators of water quality, and evaluate the ecological situation of the late with the help of computer-based expert systems.

Information about how the lake was formed, where it is located, its size, and characteristics of the lake's flora and fauna ecosystems.

The expert system "Water Quality Monitoring using Bioindicators"
Information about the computer-based expert system and methods of quality monitoring for children 10 to 14 years old, which are incorporated into the expert system.