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Institute of High-Performance Computer System,
Russian Academy of Sciences

Knowledge Base MET

Short Pragmatic Description and Index

number of the work paper: (90-met-pr)

Short pragmatic description (see below)

Index for all materails of the project

Short structural description

Description for the User (41kb)

Scientific report (152kb)

Collection of metaphoric schemes

Example-scenario of using Knowledge Base MET for research

Chronology of the changing at the server (News)

About the autor

Warning: The English version of the Project is very limited now. It consists of 7 files only. Other references are given in the Russian version which is typed in Latin letters.

Please, dear readers, excuse me, my written English is not perfect and I have very little financial support. The English version exists only as an example for now. I hope to develop it in the future.

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Scientific report
The project in whole
About the author

e-mail: Leonid Ovanesbekov <>

The Knowledge Base MET is placed on the:

References to the logical server are at: The List of Russian Web Servers -,

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