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Institute of High-Performance Computer System,
Russian Academy of Sciences

Knowledge Base MET

Collection of Metaphoric Schemes
(second, main version)

number of the work paper: (94-met-c2)

About the distinction between "first version" and "second main version" see in the chapter 8 of the scientific report for Knowledge Base MET - [Ovanesbekov 95c-97].
[A Few Objects]
[Base and Variations]

[Whole and Parts]
[Type of Objects]
[Object and its Properties]
[Object and Operations]
[Freedom of Action]
[Artificial Object]
[Link: Supplement]
[Object and Name]
[Center - Periphery]

[General - Particular]
[Partial-known Object]
[Copying object]
[Changing object]

[Cause - Consequence]
[Similarity and Difference]
[Obvious - Nonusual]
[Important - Unimportant]

[Tool - Object - Action]
[Start - Path - Finish]
[Control of the Object]
[Channel of Transferring]

[Values and Payment]
[Right and Wrong]
[Existence in Time]
[Development: Evolution]
[Possible - Impossible]
[Expectable - Surprise]
[Moment of Time]
[Period of time]
[Repeating event]
[I and my Thing]

[Working Person]
[Set of Peoples]

[Point of View]
[Quality of Object]
[Main and Secondary]
[Picture / Painting ]

[Internal State]
[Pleasant - Unpleasant]

[Place in the space]
[Area in the space]

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